Aaron J Kaplan...

An artist of positive works, self-publisher aspiring to learn the trade and publish the works of others, promoter of Peace and Love for Happiness, and general worker of light (guidance).  Currently based out of North Carolina in the land of great potential- the United States- he plans on building a worldwide following via constant touring and the internet.

So far the author of two books of poetry, creator and producer of multiple music albums yet to be released, and writer and collaborator on many projects in the works, the future is bright for Aaron J Kaplan.

A loving husband of a magnificent wife, father of an amazing toddler, and person with many interests, Aaron J Kaplan has a trying, tumultuous background that has made him knowing of life's struggles, focused on a better future, determined to make that future a reality; he truly cares to change the world for the better.  He considers himself to be a citizen of the world first and a resident of wherever he finds himself at any given time, second.  Currently living in Raleigh, North Carolina in the beautiful but struggling United States, he looks to travel with his family as much as possible while still finding the time to connect himself and his family with local communities.