PL4H Creations is in the business of service to all of life- from humankind, to other creatures, to the world around us and its environment.  Being in such business, we donate a percentage of all profit to non-profits around the world, as well as heading our own charitable and philanthropic ventures.  For example, a percentage of proceeds from all purchases of our hard copy products go towards planting trees through organizations that do such service.  This includes stickers!  We are saving a majority of our profits towards other huge community-service projects, which will be revealed throughout time.  Explore this page to see what we are currently working on and saving towards, and how much progress we have made on each front.  Please keep in mind that we are a new entity, and so our numbers will reflect that, but rest assured that throughout time, these trackers will reflect a charitably proportionate amount in relation to our size, reach, and sales.

To learn about some of our planned efforts, click the button below: